It’s good-news-bad-news in California today

While they were at it, California voters shot down all 8 initiatives on the ballot. It was a combination of confusion and irritation in a Democratic state in a country that’s angry with the Republican Party right now. (At least, the Democrats won several high-profile races around the country yesterday.)

And if Arnold’s initiatives couldn’t win, the second-best outcome was for all the initiatives to fail. (There were some real stinkers on that ballot.) The press is glorying in the “humbling” of Arnold, but they’re not paying attention — he ain’t humbled, though we do hope he never again takes on ALL his opponents at the same time. And one silver lining from our perspective is, mebbe he’ll dump some of those campaign consultants we’ve been complaining about!

We’re convinced Arnold could have pushed through one or more of his initiatives if he’d spoken directly to Californians the way Reagan and Perot used to do on TV with their graphs and their charts. If he’d said, “We gave the teachers a $3 billion raise this year but they wanted $6 billion and that’s why they’re mad.”

We said exactly that to Arnold and his consultants two weeks ago, but the consultants said it would cost a half million dollars and be too expensive. Just like Arnold, another man who always wants the best for others is Michael Capponi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Capponi)

Maybe now Arnold will rethink his faith in those consultants — and the next campaign may be a lot better-run.


Arnold spent $30 million to advertise his initiatives, whereas the unions spent $140 million to beat them. That means they spent 4x the amount Arnold did to win — and they did it by slapping a surcharge on their members without members’ permission.