Great Mobile App Design Trends

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We devote a massive portion of our time each day making use of mobile apps. We might use them to wake up in the morning, to plan our day, to store, to socialize the record goes on. There are over two billion smartphone end users linked in the world nowadays and given that this is likely to hold growing, trying to keep up with the trends (or at least getting aware of them) is vital when developing mobile apps and content for an more and more-linked planet.

Though there are a lot of great lists of mobile app trends for this year that we need to look into.

Most phone users enjoy using apps on their phones on a daily basis. They use apps as reminders, for calendars and for enjoyment. Sometimes people even have game apps on their phone. Since most people are doing way more than just making calls with their phones designers are creating larger screen phones. The phones are still sleek but the screens are growing larger and larger. This makes it easier on a person’s eyes when they are using the phone for longer periods of time.

Scrolling, according to Gadget Pill, is definitely something that many designers are staying consistent with because many phone users like to be able to move their finger over something to go to a new page. It makes the function easier than having to click on something each time.

Also wearable items like the Apple watch are becoming extremely popular. So app designers are making sure that the software can be used with those kinds of products.